Sachlav (Israel on the House) Birthright Trip Organizer Review

Is Sachlav (Israel on the House) the best birthright trip organizer for you?

Read our trip organizer review / Q&A with Molly below!

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Sachlav (Israel on the House) as a Birthright Trip Organizer?

Molly: 8. Sachlav could make some small changes.. but I felt positively about the trip overall and I was lucky to have gone with them.

Q: What type of Jew are you (Liberal? Reform? Orthodox? etc.)

Molly: When I went on the free trip to Israel, I was more of an observant Conservative Jew. However, now I’m in the process of becoming an Orthodox Jew. To be clear, I don’t attribute this change to anything that happened on my trip.

Q: Was the Sachlav Birthright trip organizer a cultural “match” for you? Why or why not?

Molly: Although it was a wonderful trip, I felt a little out of place among the group. I was by far the most observant Jew of anyone in my group. I would’ve felt more at home among a more observant crowd. That said, I didn’t feel too out of place and still enjoyed the trip.

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Q: In terms of types of Jew on your trip, what was the composition of your group?

Molly: Let’s see.. almost the entire group were secular Jews. I was by far the most observant Jew on the trip. A few people told me that they went to services occasionally, but they weren’t actively practicing. There were a few other people who were from a Haredi type of Yeshiva, but who left that.

Q: Were there any parts of your trip with the Sachlav Birthright trip organizer that really stick out to you? What was most memorable?

Molly: Out of all the places we went, the Kotel (Western Wall) was the most memorable. We had breakfast one morning in Tel Aviv, along the Mediterranean – cheese, cantaloupe, and shakshuka. I also liked Mount Arbel.

Q: Were there any parts of your trip that you didn’t enjoy?

Molly: Not really. The only thing I can remember, the water was super cold when we went through the City of David water tunnel.

Q: Was there any drinking and/or hooking up that occurred during your trip? Was your trip organizer fairly accommodating toward this behavior?

Molly: Drinking and hooking up were both big parts of our trip. We drank a lot… and sometimes with some of the staff (not the guide though). I think about 10-12 people out of ~50 ended up hooking up over the course of the trip. Our trip was definitely pretty relaxed about it.

Q: Looking back, was there anything you wish you had known before choosing to go on Birthright with the Sachlav trip organizer?

Molly: In retrospect, if I had known I would become more observant later in my life, I’d have chosen a more religious trip. That said, I feel extremely positively about my experience with Sachlav Israel on the House.

Q: Do you think you’d recommend Sachlav to your friends? Why or why not?

Molly: For observant / more conservative Jews, I’d recommend choosing another trip. For liberal / secular / non-practicing Jews, this is an awesome choice.

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